I am a firm believer than any feedback is better than none. Good feedback gives us the warm feeling that we are getting it right. Negative feedback gives us the opportunity to improve. The challenge is to react to all feedback in a positive manner. Some can and some can’t. As an Engineering Manager, I have a fundamental mistrust of most agencies and consultancies due to lots of experience over the last 10 years, and as many will appreciate, I believe that the critical components of any relationship are honesty, trust and an ability to listen. I am pleased to say that I have encountered these qualities often in my dealings with Premier Technical Recruitment and the results confirm this. We have discussed these points many times and I have whinged on at length on a number of occasions about the ineptitude of some recruitment agencies. It never ceases to amaze me how bad some people can be at communicating in an environment that is all about communication. It is both refreshing and rare to have trust in a recruitment consultancy and I thank you all for your effort on my behalf and for our organisation. Should I need to consider recruitment in my next role you will be my first port of call. I have passed on your details to several people and have also recommended you to others. Keep doing what you do.
GP – Engineering Manager
(Candidate and Client)

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